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Chester is situated on the west bank of the Penobscot River, near the middle of Penobscot County, and 56 miles N.N.E. of Bangor. The town is triangular in form, its base extending about 10 miles along the river. Opposite, on the eastern side of the river, are Winn and Lincoln,—the latter having a station of the European and North Amencan Railway. Other sides are bounded by unnamed townships. Katabdin Horseback, about 200 feet in height, is the most notable eminence. A large stream runs through this, cutting a notch down to its base. The principal streams are Medunkeunk and Eber Horse Stream, the latter a tributary of the first. Medunkeunk has a pretty cataract of 12 feet, and both streams afford water-powers which have been improved, in time past, by several mills. The underlying rock is slate. The soil is a clayey loam, and quite fertile. Potatoes are the crop chiefly cultivated. The forests are composed mainly of poplar and white birch. Along some of the highways grow rock Maple, Elm and English Willow, from a dozen to forty years old.
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